How they never met themselves

The short movie ‘How they never met themselves’ (by Florie Salnot and Billur Turan), was created to be shown as part of Ron Arad’s Curtain project at the Roundhouse (London), a round screen of 20m diameter by 7m high made of silicon rods.


In ‘How they never met themselves’, two dancers are pulling away from but simultaneously towards each other but never actually touching. This image which can be created thanks to the unique qualities of the round curtain was our starting point. Since motion and emotion are closely correlated, this kind of oscillating movement would indicate a complex relationship, which involves attraction and repulsion. This could exit between twins or even between two versions of ourselves.

A Project by Florie Salnot and Billur Turan
Performance and Choreography: Hannah Cameron  and Melanie Clark
Cinematography: Alex Grigoras
Camera Operation: Giorgio Bosisio
Camera Assistant: Benjamin Mitchell
Gaffer: Sonia Rodriguez Serrano
Sound Design: Daniel Gunning
Make-up: Ala Pangracova