The Little Things

The Little Things from Peter Judson on Vimeo.

This project aims at finding a solution for Denise Stephens, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), to put her earrings in more easily.


Denise Stephens (co-founder Enabled by Design) has multiple sclerosis (MS), a condition that prevents her from accomplishing easily a number of daily tasks. To let herself live independently, she is constantly looking for objects that both empower her physically and personally (non hospital look-like products). Some of these objects include a buttonhook to button more easily, a kettle that do not need to be lifted up and an avant-garde tin opener that does the entire job itself.

One of the very few things Denise could not find is something that would enable her to put her fiddly earrings in more easily, despite a lack of tactility in the fingertips. This is the problem that was looked at during the Fix Encounter with designer Florie Salnot.

This project is still on-going. It is part of Fixperts, a project initiated by Daniel Charny and James Carrigan, which brings together designers with people having a problem to fix.

Fixpert: Florie Salnot
Fix Partner: Denise Stephens
Fix Film: Peter Judson & Rachel Singer